COVID 19 or, how i learned to stop worrying and love the virus

So, you have all heard by now that our home state of NJ is now on curfew, and bergen county is soon probably to be shut down by state mandate. Well, shit.

I would say to all those affected by work stoppages: bartenders, restaurant staff, bar and bus staff, stagehands, movie ushers, bouncers, etc etc etc: stay up. Be positive and ask for help. We are with you.

What i ask: help your fellow man. Do not be a ghoul and horde shit others need. You cant eat hand sanitizer or toilet paper. Give where you can, donate the the gofundmes where folks most hurt by this arent under undue stresses. It sucks enough to be forced not to work.

Also be smart and practice social distancing. Stay the fuck home. It works people. You cant infect those you cannot see. GenXers seem to be handling this the best. Everyone else, not so much.

Lastly, be kind. It feels strange saying that, the guy with the creepy contacts who makes the scary faces. But seriously. The hourly workers and the people still working are probably crushed by the influx of business. Sure they are probably happy to be working. But they dont need to be screamed at for every little thing. Be cool.

I am also writing this as a handy reminder to myself. I lost my patience several times today and while it was always the other person/company/entity at fault, its helpful to see your own words once in a while and go hey, i am not a monster. Or at least a total one.

I would say group hug, but seriously- did you not read the above???? GET AWAY, YOU.

Til next time, stay safe. -stv

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