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Hey yall. Its coming up into July and we are still into Coronavirus season it seems. Remember to stay safe and always wear a mask out. Chances of you being touched by COVID remains much lower if you are masked.

Anyway, we have not been able to safely get together in person but the work has not stopped- we are hard at work on some great new material. Everyone is contributing which is amazing and there are some killer ideas being formed into songs. We have a new song (shhhhh its called ALIVE) almost ready to go and 6 or so more in the MegaBlender right now...hope to have a full length or at least an EP ready in a few months. Videos and other surprises to be released along the way.

Would you guys and gals be interested in a live stream show or performance , or making of video at all? If so that is a concept we are exploring as well.

Stay well and talk soon!



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